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All prospective bidders wishing to participate in QP Tenders issued by QP Purchasing Department are required to have a QP SAP Vendor Code. Prospective bidders who do not have a QP SAP Vendor Code are requested to obtain the same by following the steps posted at QP Vendor e-Registration system.

If you have any queries related to the e-registration process, please contact


These Instructions to Tenderer issued by Qatar Petroleum (QP) outline the procedures to be followed for completing and submitting Tenders. Tenderer shall comply with the public tender advertisement and these Instructions to Tenderer while preparing its Tender submission. Failure to provide all of the required materials and information, or failure to fully comply with these instructions may render the Tender null and void.

Validity of Tender

Tenders shall be valid for a period not less than Hundred and Twenty (120) calendar days from the closing date for submission of the Tenders. QP intends to notify all Tenderers of the result of their Tender submission during this period. If Tenderer retracts or withdraws its Tender during the period of its validity without receiving authorisation from QP, QP may, at its sole discretion, without the need for summons, notice or other legal formalities:

  •  encash the provisional Bank Guarantee (Tender Bond), and,
  •  exercise any other rights stipulated in the Tender Documents.

Familiarization with Laws of Qatar

Before submitting a Tender, the Tenderer shall thoroughly familiarize itself with all the laws, including but not limited to Qatar Labour laws, applicable to the SERVICES to be performed, and the Ministry of Economy and Trade requirements regarding commercial registration of companies prior to commencing any SERVICES activity. By submitting a Tender, the Tenderer is deemed to have made the necessary allowances in the Tender Price for adhering to all laws, rules, regulations and procedures applicable in the State of Qatar, including Qatar Income Tax Law which has come into effect from January, 2010.

Electronic Tender Documents

QP may issue Tender Documents in an electronic format (viz. Compact Disc Rom “CD”). Such electronic Tender Documents (e-TD) shall be an exact copy of the Original Tender Documents retained by QP as a hard copy. QP makes no representations as to the data quality of the e-TD, and Tenderer shall use the same at its own risk.

Secrecy Declaration

The Tenderer shall abide by the terms of the Secrecy Declaration appended hereto which must be completed, signed and returned with the Form of Acknowledgment.

Site Visit and Mid-Tender Meeting

The Tenderer may be requested to attend a site visit and/or a mid-tender meeting in order to become familiar with the physical and other conditions pertaining to the SERVICES to be performed.  QP shall notify the Tenderer of any site visit and/or mid-tender meeting by issuance of a Tender Bulletin. It is strongly recommended that the Tenderer attend any scheduled site visit and mid-tender meeting.

Technical Specification/Sample submission

Where necessary as an integral part of the Tender, detailed Technical Specification   from the Manufacturers including Catalogues are to be enclosed with your technical offer. Failure to provide the Technical Specification may result in the disqualification of the respective Tender.  QP reserves the right to request samples free of charge, if deemed necessary at the tender evaluation stage.

Fully Informed

Where necessary the Tenderer should inspect the worksite and surrounding locations and must satisfy itself as to the nature of the SERVICES, the correctness and sufficiency of the rates and prices submitted and general local conditions, especially ground, climatic, sea, other water and weather conditions which could affect the work.

Tender Bulletins

Any addendums, clarifications or meeting minutes will be issued as Tender Bulletins and sent to all Tenderers during the tendering period. The Tenderer shall acknowledge receipt of all Tender Bulletins on the “Form of Tender” and shall allow for any costs in connection therewith in the Tender Price.

Governing Language

The Tender Documents and all Tender submissions are to be made in the English language.

Tender Rates and Prices

The Tenderer shall submit prices and/or rates for all items required by the Schedule of Prices. All amounts are to be quoted in Qatar Riyals or a major international currency. Prices and rates are to be entered in indelible ink and submitted only on the Schedule of Prices sheets provided.

Bank Guarantee

  • Where required by the respective Tender documents, the Tenderer must submit a provisional Bank Guarantee, in the form of a Tender Bond.
  • The provisional Bank Guarantee (Tender Bond) must be issued by a bank operating in Qatar.
  • The validity of the provisional Bank Guarantee must be for not less than one hundred fifty (150) calendar days after the Tender closing date.
  • The Bond must be worded exactly as indicated in the specimen forms available here for download.

No Alterations to the Tender Documents

Any erasures, alterations, additions or deletions made to the Tender Documents and any Tender submission shall be deemed unauthorized unless initialed by the person authorized to sign the Tender.  Any Tender that is incomplete or contains unauthorized alterations may be rejected.

Submission of Tenders

The Tender and accompanying documents shall be bound securely together and enclosed in a wax sealed envelope and shall be delivered in accordance with the instructions set forth in the Qatar Petroleum Tender documents:

  • Small Tenders are to be addressed to: The Secretary, Small Tenders Committee, Qatar Petroleum, P.O. Box 3212, Doha, Qatar. Clearly indicating the Tender Number and to be dropped in 4th Floor, J-Block, Royal Plaza, Al-Sadd Street, not later than 12:00 Hours on the due date.
  • Limited Tenders are to be addressed to: The Secretary, Limited Tenders Committee, Qatar Petroleum, P.O. Box 3212, Doha, Qatar. Clearly indicating the Tender Number and to be dropped in 4th Floor, J-Block, Royal Plaza, Al-Sadd Street, not later than 12:00 Hours on the due date.
  • General Tenders are to be addressed to: The Secretary, General Tenders Committee, Qatar Petroleum, P.O. Box 3212, Doha, Qatar. Clearly indicating the Tender Number and to be dropped in Room No. 605, 6th Floor, Qatar Petroleum offices at West Bay, not later than 12:00 Hours on the due date.

Correction of Arithmetical and/or Other Errors

Should the amount put in words differs from the amount put in figures, or if there is an arithmetical error, the lesser amount shall be taken unless the difference is attributable to an obvious error, whereupon the correct amount shall be taken.

Any adjustment, correction, clarification or amendment made by QP to a Tender will be communicated to the Tenderer for his acknowledgment prior to award.

Acceptance or Rejection of Tenders and Incurred Costs

QP is under no obligation to make an award (Purchase Order/Contract) or accept the lowest or any Tender and will not assign any reason for the rejection of any Tender.  QP will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by the Tenderer in connection with its Tender, any site visit, attending meetings, obtaining additional insurance, etc., (where applicable) or for the formation of the award should the Tenderer be successful. The Tenderer shall not have any recourse for any redress if QP, for whatever reason, determines the awards in favour of another Tenderer or does not award.

Notification of Acceptance

By way of issuance of a Purchase Order (PO) or a Letter of Acceptance (LOA), QP shall notify the successful Tenderer of  QP’s acceptance of its Tender, subject to the following conditions precedent:

  •   Submittal of Performance Bond where applicable, in the form of a Final Bank Guarantee,
  •   Submittal of necessary Insurances, where applicable, as required per Appendix D.
  •    Signing of the Award.

For the purpose of determining the start dates of the Performance Bond and the Insurances, the date of the respective Purchase Order or LOA shall be used unless another date is otherwise stipulated in the PO or LOA.

If the successful Tenderer fails to submit the documentation per (a) and (b) above within the time period stipulated in the LOA, QP may, at its sole discretion, without the need for summons or notice or other legal formalities, encash the Tender Bond, exercise any other rights stipulated in the Tender Documents, and notify the successful Tenderer that the Award is, ipso facto, terminated.

Publication of Award Details

Tenderer should note that any Purchase Order/Contract awarded as a result of the Tender shall be posted on Qatar Petroleum’s official website with the following information to be included:   

  •  Purchase Order/Contract number, 
  •  Name of Vendor/Contractor,
  •  Total value of Purchase Order/Contract.

Return of Tender Documents

The Tender Documents, including any drawings, specifications, etc., forwarded to the Tenderer are and shall continue to be the sole property of QP. If the Tenderer declines to submit a Tender, or if the Tenderer is unsuccessful, it shall immediately return all the Tender Documents, inclusive of any photocopies made, forthwith from the date declines to submit a Tender or from the date it is notified that it is unsuccessful.


These general details provide some information related to supplying materials and equipment to Qatar Petroleum. Full details will be provided along with respective tender as applicable.

Qatar Petroleum will not, under any circumstances accept any liability for the accuracy of the details provided above or for any event arising from the use or interpretation of this information.