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To fulfill our operational potential while improving the lives around us, we continue to focus our efforts to​ deliver our sustainability roadmap through leading initiatives across three pillars: people, community, and local economic development. 

Local Economic Contribution

We strive to develop our social and economic contribution, foster local economic development and to strengthen the local energy sector. Our Tawteen initiative is leading the development of Qatar-based vendors and service providers, with an increasing number of registered suppliers based in Qatar. The program is based on three pillars, with the ambition to build a resilient and competitive energy sector in Qatar.  Read more on our Tawteen initiative

Our Support to Society

As a critical enabler of Qatar National Vision 2030, QatarEnergy​'s mandate is to advance, protect and sustain human, social, economic and environmental development to build a better tomorrow.

We support local communities in a wide variety of ways and cre​ate a sustainable, long-term social impact. Our corporate social responsibility actions include:

  • Consulting with community members to identify local needs and concerns,
  • Collaborating with community partners such as non-profit organizations and schools to support programs related to culture and heritage, the environment, safety and health awareness and sports development,
  • Inspiring and engaging our people to support our community activities,
  • Implementing a wide range of social development projects as a member of the RLIC Community Outreach Program,
  • Launching initiatives related to community development, environmental protection and road safety,​
  • Sponsoring regional and international events focusing on aspects of the energy sector​.