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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Shaping ​​Who We Are.​

Our Code of Conduct is an important guide for everyone at QatarEnergy​ and proof of our commitment to ethical behavior. It is used​ to help us make informed decisions and to assist in living our values. It is a guide to our behavior and Shapes Who We Are. It helps QatarEnergy​, its employees and business partners​ to be successful - both individually and as an organization.​

Our Code explains how our Values of integrity, respect, responsibility, excellence, collaboration and safety guide our decision making. It clarifies our expectations for everyone who works for QatarEnergy​​ and is a principles-based approach. It does not explicitly state rules for behavior but instead relies on the integrity of our business decision making. Having one set of values and behaviors and a clear set of expectations, helps us to collectively make choices in a consistent way - wherever we operate and wherever our presence is known.

Compliance with the expectations and responsibilities outlined in the Code of Conduct is not optional. We expect our employees and business partners to comply with it. Likewise, we expect them to Speak Up if we witness or suspect behavior that is incompatible with our standards and the spirit in which they are intended.

By committing ourselves to the Code, we exemplify the finest aspects of our heritage as Qatar’s national energy ​company and establish ourselves as a leader in the global business community.