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What is Qatarization in Qatar Petroleum?

​Qatarization is part of the Human Capital Directorate’s strategic planning initiative to develop Qatari nationals to take up established positions in QP. The Qatarization and Leadership Development Team is primarily dedicated to building an effective pipeline of competent and highly engaged, male and female staff, managers and leaders in QP, consistent with the Human Development Pillar of the Qatar National Vision 2030. 

What does “Quality Qatarization” mean?

​This refers to the need to recruit and develop Qataris to a standard comparable with their counterparts around the world, particularly in view of the increased diversity and complexity of activities in the Energy and Industry Sector in Qatar and the diversity of Qatar’s economy. This will better prepare Qataris to address both current and future challenges.​​

Does this plan mean that Qataris will be put into positions faster than before?

​This is not the intention. The progress and advancement of Qataris will continue to be performance-based. Individuals need to demonstrate that they are able to carry out the tasks assigned to them to the required standard, as per the systems and processes currently in place. Competence will not be sacrificed for the sake of numbers. Measures are in place at various stages of the process of identifying, training, developing and retaining Qataris in the workforce. These are designed to help ensure an assurance of the quality of our Qatari employees. ​

Is the industry serious about increasing the percentage of females in the workforce?

​Yes, this is a key element of the Strategic Qatarization Plan. Various teams are developing and enhancing activity areas considered essential to the success of the plan, and Qatari females are encouraged to enter the energy and industry workforce. Emphasis is on both technical and non-technical disciplines where it is seen that Qatari females can best support the industry’s business needs.​​

In the next five years, how can experienced manpower be replaced by inexperienced manpower?

​As the majority of Qataris hired are inexperienced, part of the drive of Qatarization initially places Qataris into entry-level positions, not into the more senior positions that require a high degree of experience. Experience will, therefore, come as the inexperienced Qataris mature and develop over time. Also, recognizing this fact, companies are balancing their Qatarization plans with the need for productivity and efficiency.​​

What will happen to expatriates who are replaced? Will they have to leave the country?

​This depends on each particular situation. However, the Energy and Industry Sector is committed to continuing the employment of those expatriates who have shown commitment and support to the Qatarization objectives. The sector is continually expanding and opportunities will always exist for those expatriates who wish to take advantage of them.​​

How many Qataris are you looking for each year?

​The Energy and Industry Sector is expected to continue to grow and expand in the coming years. During the last five years, the sector has recruited a large number of high school graduates each year for vocational and university sponsorship programs, and we anticipate this need to continue in the coming years. In addition, we also recruit new university graduates with the appropriate educational degrees that are in demand by our sector. We also welcome experienced Qataris with the right skill sets suitable for our industry.​​

What should I do?

​The Energy and Industry Sector requires employees with varied education and skill levels. We recruit high-school graduates and provide them with appropriate education and training as well as university graduates. We have positions in fields such as operation, maintenance, electrical, engineering, administration, human resources, accounting and purchasing. Please refer to the Training Programs and Application Form on the home page to obtain more detailed information.​​

Where and how do I apply?

​The majority of high-school graduates applying for vocational training programs are recruited through QP on behalf of Qatar’s Energy and Industry Sector. Qataris who are interested in the university sponsorship programs are recruited by QP or any of the other companies within the sector.​​

How much money will I make?

​The compensation package varies by education level, experience, and position in the different companies within the Energy and Industry Sector. Please note, however, that the sector offers challenging and interesting work, competitive salary and benefit packages. The salary and benefit packages are regularly reviewed and will remain competitive.

What is a Development Plan (DP)?

​A Development Plan is an official document signed by a developee, his or her line department and the Asst. Manager for Qatarization & Leadership Development (LDQ). The plan prepares developees for their first target positions in QP. It includes on-the-job activities and assignments as well as technical and non-technical training courses that are recommended by the department. In certain cases, it also involves attachments to other departments or organizations.  ​​​

What is a Progress Report (PR)?

​It is an assessment tool that the Qatarization and Leadership Division (LDQ) uses to follow up on your progress and performance. The report gives information on the activities you have covered during a particular period and how well you have performed them. It also shows the gap between your current ability to perform the target job responsibilities and the standard required and how much this has been improved. It further shows planned or forthcoming activities that you will be performing in the upcoming 4 months. The report is prepared by your coach, reviewed by your supervisor and endorsed by the department manager before being submitted to LDQ.​

What is a development position and what is a post holder position?

​A development position is for training purposes. You do not have any direct responsibility or accountability for a job in QP but you are preparing to take over a job. It is a temporary position that only lasts until you have completed your training and development for a job. A post holder position is a job in QP where you have direct responsibility and accountability for a number of activities. It is a permanent position in QP.​​​

What is the difference between a DP and an In-Post or Enhancement DP?

​In-Post DP is a development plan in which the developees are already in their target position during their development, while Enhancement DP is for employees who are already in their post holder positions but they still need to enhance their skills and knowledge either because the job content has changed or the employee does not yet meet the requirements in a specific area. A DP, on the other hand, is for new graduates.​​​

How do you check performance during a DP?

​​The progress report has an Overall Rating Section, which rates the progress of the employee over a 4-month period. The rating is as follows: “AE” - Above Expectations , “ME” - Meets Expectations, and “BE” - Below Expectations. The comments in the outcome of the assignment support this rating and give further details.​​

How do we know when a developee is ready to take over the position?

​​When the listed key responsibilities all have a “100%” rating in the column beside them, this is an indicator that the developee is ready. However, he or she must also have demonstrated to the coach and manager that they have the other attributes to take over the position, e.g. time management, reliability, interpersonal skills, and teamwork. The department takes the final decision regarding the readines​s of the developee.​​​

How does my salary and grade increase during my DP?

​​Every DP has a salary progression plan linked to milestones in the plan. When you reach each milestone, you will receive either a grade promotion or a salary increase.​​​

What is the difference between years of service and years as a post holder?

​​The years of service include the years as a developee and the years as a post holder together, while the years as a post holder include only the years when you are in your approved, permanent position. The years as a post holder are very important in terms of promotion and applications for higher education study.​​​

How important is the English language for my career?

​English is the formal business language of QP. The company’s workforce is multilingual; therefore, English is crucial for communicating with colleagues and for operating effectively within QP’s business context at all levels.​​

What training courses does QP provide for improving my English language skills?

​The Learning and Development Department provides in-house English language courses at a variety of levels. Core courses from Level 0 to Level 5 aim to develop workplace English competencies. Short professional English courses are provided to employees to develop the language and communication skills needed in specific workplace situations. On-site programs are also offered to support particular workplace requirements.​​

How will my English be assessed?

​QP has its own recruitment test to assess the English competence of job applicants. Employees who attend QP’s English courses are assessed at the end of each in-house course. A record is kept of all QP employees’ English language test results on the official QP database.​​

How can I improve my English language skills?

​Take every opportunity to speak English, as much as you can, every day. Also, watch TV programs and films in English; listen to radio programs in English; write something in English every day – a short email, a diary entry, etc. and read as much as possible in English – magazines, newspapers, books, and so on. Attend the appropriate QP in-house English language courses to maintain and improve your English level.​​

Will QP send me overseas to study the English language?

​QP has its own in-house English programs to help improve the English language skills of its employees. Therefore, QP does not send employees overseas for English language courses.​

If I get a degree by studying in my own time, will QP promote me?

​Acquiring a degree in your own time and at your own expense does not oblige QP to promote you. However, a procedure is being prepared that will allow this type of case to be reviewed against certain criteria and the business requirements of QP. Please contact the Qatari Development Division for further information.​​