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QP Refinery

The 100%-owned Qatar Petroleum Refinery started as a small topping plant in 1958, and has grown over the years into a modern refining complex. The refinery has the responsibility of satisfying the local demand for petroleum products and exports its surplus.

The main activity of the refinery is to process crude oil and condensate into various finished products to meet domestic demand and for export. The main finished products are liquefied petroleum gas, petrochemical naphtha, premium gasoline, super gasoline, jet fuel, diesel, marine fuel oil, decant oil and straight run fuel oil.

The need and concept of QP Refinery’s major expansion and modernization was developed as far back as 1995. The project was formally launched on 15 July 1998 and commissioned in 2001. The expansion achieved three main objectives:

  • Raising the refining capacity to 137,000 barrels per stream day (bpsd)
  • Adding a 57,000 bpsd condensate refining capacity to process feedstock into higher value products
  • Integrating a residue upgrading technology using RFCC technology to upgrade low value fuel oil into higher value products

QP Refinery is committed to operational excellence taking environmental responsibility seriously. In the early 1970s QP Refinery employed hydro-treating technology to produce low-sulfur gasoline. With the 2001 expansion it added kerosine hydro-treating and diesel hydro-treating units to produce low sulfur jet A1 and diesel. A sulfur recovery unit was also commissioned along with the 2001 expansion to bring acid gas flaring to an end.

The Refinery has an ISO 14001 certified environment management system throughout its operation and products that reflects its commitment towards the environment.