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Gas-To-Liquids (GTL)



Gas to Liquids (GTL) is a process based on Fischer-Tropsch chemistry, which converts synthesis gas to liquid hydrocarbons that is then further processed to produce naphtha, kerosene, diesel, and base oils as a replacement for conventional crude based products.  
 The GTL process has three steps:
  1. Reforming of natural gas (methane) with oxygen and steam to produce a synthesis gas (syngas) comprised of carbon monoxide and hydrogen.
  2. The resulting syngas is fed to the Fischer-Tropsch reactor and converted to essentially straight-chain, waxy paraffins in the presence of a cobalt catalyst.
  3. The high molecular weight liquid products are then hydro-cracked in a low-pressure process to produce LPG, naphtha, kerosene, diesel and base oils that are virtually free of sulphur and aromatics.
 Being derived from a chemical process, GTL products have a far more narrowly defined molecular range versus crude based conventional products. As a result, GTL products offer significant advantages in many applications as they are water white, essentially odorless, and contain zero sulphur. 
There are two GTL plants in operation in Qatar.  Oryx GTL is a Joint Venture between Qatar Petroleum (51%) and Sasol(49%). Pearl GTL, on the other hand, is a production sharing project between Qatar Petroleum and Shell. Pearl GTL is integrated from well-head to finished product, while Oryx GTL receives methane as feedstock from other facilities in Qatar.


Production capacity: Gas-to-liquid products 32,441 bbl/day ​​

LPG​ Specifications​
Oryx GTL Naphtha

General enquiries and for qualities and sales of other products [e.g. GTL gas oil]:


Production capacity: 

120 kboe/d of natural gas liquids and ethane
140 kboe/d of GTL Products 

Natural Gas Products:  ± million tons per annum
Sulphur​ Specifications​
Qatar Low Sulphur Condensate
Propane ​Specifications
Butane ​Specifications

GTL Products:  ± mill​ion tons per annum​

Propane​ ​0.3 Specifications​
​0.7 Specifications​​
Pearl GTL Naphtha ​0.8 Specifications​
Pearl GTL Jet Fuel Blend
​Pearl GTL Normal Paraffin ​0.3
​Pearl GTL Gas Oil ​2.5
​Pearl GTL Base Oil​ ​1.4