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​Ras Laffan Refinery Complex : Conventional oil products are produced from LNG gas plants and two name-plate 146,000 barrels per day condensate splitters. Products include plant condensate from the gas plants, and from the splitters: full-range naphtha, Jet A-1 and 10ppm sulphur Gasoil.
Mesaieed Refinery Complex: Production comes from the name-plate 137,000 barrels per day refinery and NGL plant located in Mesaieed. Products consist of refinery naphtha, two grades of gasoline, and fuel oil as well as decant oil (used as blending stock of either bunker or utility fuels).​​

NGL Condensate

Produced in Mesaieed plant, NGL (natural gas liquids) Condensate is a form of light virgin (not consisting of any chemically converted product) naphtha with typical boiling point range of 30-125C. Being highly paraffinic (typically >90%), it is typically used as feedstock in petrochemical cracking plants.​

Ports​Mesaieed Industrial City – loading berth # NGL JETTY/MPB​
​Typical cargo size25KT to 40KT
SpecificationNGL Condensate​​​

​Plant Condensate

Plant Condensate is a type of virgin NGL, recovered in gas processing section of the LNG plants. In the family of light naphthas (typical boiling point range of 35-140°C), it is highly paraffinic (typically >80%) and typically used as feedstock in petrochemical cracking plants.​

Ports​Ras Laffan Industrial City – Inner berth 22 berth loading
​Typical cargo size25KT to 50KT​
SpecificationPlant Cond​ensate​​​

Refinery Naphtha

​Refinery Naphtha (RNAP) is a light virgin naphtha (typical boiling point range of 30-155°C), produced from a condensate splitter in Mesaieed. Being highly paraffinic (typically >85%), is typically used as feedstock in petrochemical cracking plants.

Ports​Mesaieed Industrial City – loading berth # NGL JETTY/MPB
​Typical cargo size30KT​

Refinery Naphtha​

Full Range Naphtha

Full Range Naphtha (FRNAP) is produced in the two splitters at Ras Laffan. It is a virgin naphtha with typical boiling point range of 30-150°C and PNA (paraffinic:naphthenic:aromatic) content of content of 70:20:10. As a versatile naphtha, it has the potential to be used as a direct feedstock by petrochemical plants or into naphtha splitters for further processing.

Ports​Ras Laffan Industrial City – loading berth # 23 & 30
​Typical cargo size50KT​
SpecificationFull Range Naphtha​​​​