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Frequently Asked Questions for Registration
  • I’m already a registered Vendor with QP and I have a Vendor Code. Why do I have to register in the e-Registration system?

The e-Registration system will highlight your company’s profile, products, and services to Qatar Petroleum. You will also be able to renew your registration as well as keep track and update your company details and documents.​​​​

  • The Calendar and Date button does not work. What should I do?

Please note that our system is especially compatible with the Internet Explorer browser.. You will encounter problems with other types of browsers. You can change your internet compatibility View settings by going to the “Tools” tab and then adding “” to “Add this website”.​

  • I forgot my e-Registration login password. What should I do?

To reset your login password, please press the 'Forgot Password' Button and then enter the following information on the next screen: User ID: Company email: (The email provided during registration) The new password will then be sent automatically to the email address you provided when your registration request was first submitted.​​ ​

  • We no longer have access to the registered email address. What is the procedure for changing the email address in our e-Registration?

If you have the User ID and Password, you can directly login to the system and then make the necessary change in your company profile. Otherwise, you may send an email to to assist you.​

  • The Vendor Registration Notification states that “This does not constitute Vendor pre-qualification or product approval”. How can I get pre-qualification or product approval in QP?

There is no general “Products Approval” in QP. The technical evaluation team will individually evaluate all received offers based on the required specifications. The emailed notification is simply for registration with QP only.​

  • What is the Registration Expiry procedure?

The company registration expiry date is a reflection of the Commercial Registration expiry date for local companies. The expiry date for overseas companies is either as listed in their commercial registration or after 5 years, whichever comes first.​​

  • How can I participate in QP Tenders and receive tender documents?

​Please cl​ick on the following link to learn more about the QP tendering process:

  • I have already submitted my company’s technical profile to the Preferred Vendors List (PVL) Inbox. How can I follow-up on this request?

After receipt of a company profile and if QP is interested in the submitted products or data, the vendor will be contacted for a technical presentation in Doha, Qatar. After the presentation, a technical assessment will be conducted by QP on that vendor’s product or material as applicable t​o the Oil & Gas industry (inclusive of related building and civil) projects. The vendor will be notified of the outcome upon the conclusion of the technical assessment. For more information please click on the following link:​

  • How can we change our company’s bank account details?

Any request to change the nominated bank account or account information must be submitted by uploading the following documents into th​e e-Registration system:
* Official letter issued by the concerned bank identifying the company’s name exactly as in CR, Account Number, Address, Banking Currency, SWIFT Cod​​e and  IBAN number.
* No Objection Certificate from the existing bank​​.

  • Our company is registered as a Supplier of Materials. Do we need to submit a new registration request to be registered as Contractors for Services?

QP maintains a common database for both Suppliers and Contract Service Providers. Thus, if a vendor is already registered as a supplier, for example, it is not anymore required to register again for contract services.​

  • What are the steps for registration renewal and updating an expired commercial registration?

Registration renewal is done via the e-Registration system. You simply need to login and then replace any expired document.​

  • Do we need to have all our documents translated into English?

For legal reasons, all submitted documents must be in English language, and any Arabic document must be translated into English by an official sworn translator.​