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​At QatarEnergy, we recognize the critical importance of sustainability. We are committed to the sustainable development of our business, our people and broader society. We show this by adopting a comprehensive and integrated approach in addressing the challenges posed by climate change, taking action to mitigate impact on the environment, ensuring safe and responsible operations and contributing to overall social and economic development. We believe that by integrating sustainability in our businesses and operations, we can contribute to building a better future for all.

Our sustainability strategy rests on three pillars:

  1. Climate change and environmental action

  2. Operational responsibility

  3. Social and economic development​


Overarching these strategic pillars is our commitment to responsible business conduct and governance, meaning we are dedicated to doing things the right way. This commitment translates to being uncompromising in our ethical code and upholding strong corporate governance policies and practices that help us earn and keep the trust of our stakeholders while delivering on our sustainability commitments.

We have also identified three key enablers that pave the way for us to turn our strategy into tangible actions. First and foremost, we believe that creating a culture of sustainability is essential to prioritize sustainability in QatarEnergy’s activities. We integrate sustainability into our ways of working and decision making to ensure that sustainability considerations are at the heart of our activities. 

Second, we understand that innovation, creativity and a learning mindset are crucial for developing and implementing sustainable solutions. We strive to think beyond traditional approaches and find new and more sustainable ways of doing things. Finally, we value collaboration, the co-creation of solutions and engaging with stakeholders to build a sustainable world that benefits all.

Our approach to sustainability combines long-term commitments and everyday actions, reinforced by our values and aspirations. We apply our history of excellence and responsibility to ideas and efforts that support people and communities, while also protecting the natural environment around us. We make targeted investments to support our ambitions and the deployment of sustainable technologies. These are just some of the many ways we are working to deliver progress on the path to achieving our goals. ​