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As a world leader in the production of liquefied natural gas (LNG), we are adapting our direction and strategic objectives to meet the challenges of the new business environment with greater dynamism, resilience and efficiency.

Today, energy derived from hydrocarbons is crucial to every single human being on Earth and its positive impact on human and social development is immeasurable. Natural gas and other hydrocarbons, power homes and industry and accelerate production and innovation. As fuels and feedstocks for advanced materials, hydrocarbons help billions of people find better livelihoods and opportunities. The global energy transition and continued prosperity and security of society, hinges on reliable supplies of energy.

\Natural gas is a source of reliable energy for achieving this transition and maintaining prosperous growth. As energy demand grows over the coming decades and we strive to eliminate energy poverty, natural gas in the form of LNG will be essential.

In Qatar, we are implementing projects to expand LNG production from the North Field, the world’s largest single non-associated gas field. Our North Field East (NFE) project will raise Qatar’s LNG production capacity from its current 77 million metric tons per year (MTPA) to 110 MTPA. NFE represents the first phase of expansion, the second phase, the North Field South (NFS) project, will further increase Qatar’s LNG production capacity to 126 MTPA. A third phase, the North Field West (NFW) project, will boost Qatar’s LNG production to 142 MTPA by the end of 2030.

Additionally, our Golden Pass LNG project in Texas will add an additional 18 MTPA through three production trains, with production expected to begin in 2025.​​