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Our Sustainability Strategy is designed to drive positive social and economic outcomes, while ensuring that we operate in harmony with the natural environment. Our approach is closely aligned with QNV 2030, which calls for economic and social justice for all, achieved through sustainable development. We work to create a better future, while also contributing to the ongoing transformation of the energy sector. Our driving ambition at QatarEnergy is to create shared value for all through our commitment to sustainable, responsible and locally relevant solutions that accelerate social and economic progress. As an energy transition partner and a key player in Qatar’s economy, we recognize that our unique position presents a powerful opportunity to make a lasting and meaningful difference for society.​​

Enabling our people
​Creating and growing value
​Sha​ring with others
​People are at the heart of not only our business strategy, but also our sustainability strategy. We believe our investment in creating a talented and diverse workforce that knows everyone has a voice, will contribute to employees reaching their full potential and implant a culture of care — for the wellbeing of others and the world at large.
​At QatarEnergy, we recognize that partnerships play a critical role in supporting our sustainability journey. We believe that it is essential to collaborate with business partners who share our values and align with our commitments to human rights, health and safety, business ethics and environmental stewardship. By working with like-minded partners, suppliers and customers, we can generate shared value across the value chain of our operations.
​As an energy corporation, we recognize our role and the ripple effect of our efforts. We intentionally direct our investments in social responsibility to add value to the lives of others and contribute to creation of sustainable communities.

For more information and examples, read our latest Sustainability Report​​.​​