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To meet the evolving needs of the Energy Sector for a highly qualified and competent workforce as it strives to realize the goals of the Qatar National ​Vision 2030.​​​


Provide scholarship opportunities both locally and overseas to Qatari students seeking to pursue higher education studies and assume careers in the Energy​ Sector.

Who can apply?​ 

Candidates who graduate from high school in the current year of the scholarship application or the year before. You can also apply if you are already enrolled in a university and meet the university transfer criteria listed in Eligibility and Selection​.

When to submit an application?​​

The Application system accepts applications several times a year to meet the growing needs of the energy sector.

Are all Sponsored Students guaranteed positions within their allocated company after successful graduation from University?

​​Offer of employment for a graduated sponsored student is subject to the policy of the allocated company. This information will be presented by the allocated company to the successful candidate prior to starting his/her scholarship program.​