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​​​Our Ethics and Compliance Program​

QatarEnergy​ is committed to the highest standards of business conduct and has launched an organizational-wide, principles-based, Ethics and Compliance (E&C) Program. The core of the E&C Program is our Code of Conduct. All of our employees are required to read, understand and acknowledge their compliance with the principles outlined in it. We require them to acknowledge their understanding and compliance on an annual basis and believe in the continuous reinforcement of our standards through various training and awareness initiatives. Likewise, we have a team of Integrity Ambassadors who help to embed our culture of integrity throughout the QatarEnergy​ organization. Together these activities reinforce our standards for ethical and principled business conduct, no matter where we operate.

The E&C program incorporates our six core values where transparency and openness are found to be key pillars to our value of Integrity. This comes to the heart of QatarEnergy​’s business dealings, both internally and externally. In order to build strong relationships, we invite our employees, business partners and other stakeholders to speak up whenever they believe that unethical behavior has occurred - most especially when they believe it conflicts with our standards of conduct as outlined in our Code. Together, we build strong relationships and believe that we will achieve better results when we are open to listening to others. ​​

Our Foundational Policies​

Our Code of Conduct is supplemented by a series of foundational policies that are core to our beliefs and outline our compliance with the laws and regulations applicable to our operations. Where our policies set higher standards than those required locally, the higher requirements of our policies will always apply. We expect our employees and all persons doing business with QatarEnergy​ to comply with these policies and will only work with those who share our standards of business conduct.​

Our Speaking Up Line

As part of our E&C Program, QatarEnergy​ has put in place a Speaking Up Line where concerns around our conduct can be reported to us. We invite employees and any external third party interacting with us to raise their concerns or report any suspected or potential breaches of the law or our business conduct, including actual or alleged violations of our Code of Conduct and its related policies. Our Speaking Up Line has been set up to receive these concerns. It has been designed to ensure confidentiality and to safe guard the rights of both the caller and the potential subject of the concern. All concerns are received and investigated by a dedicated team of ethics and compliance professionals within QatarEnergy​’s internal audit department. We do not tolerate any sort of retaliation against anyone who rai​ses a concern to us in good faith.​​

Reporting a Violation 

To report a violation, please contact our Speaking Up Line:
Tel: +974-40135222​
QatarEnergy​​ is committed to achieving the highest standards in business practice and ethical behavior embedded in our strong culture of collaboration, integrity and trust.